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Peti Suara

29 Januari 2010

Family First

I think that there was a campaign held referring to the subject above. Encouraging the community to give a high priority to family matters rather than attending to other commitments (career, friends, hobbies). There must be something to it. If you expect me to list the advantages of taking care of your family, get the hell out of here.

It is hard to believe when you hear someone say that they have something more important to attend to (girlfriends, secret brotherhood, UMNO!) rather than their own family. How can you sacrifice your family over a community service? It just doesn't make sense.

It's like servicing someones car but your own car is stalled. How could you be good at one thing if the main idea is already a screw up? But some say, if the "thing" you attend to is for your own family's future, that's a different idea (source of income and benefit). So how do we make sure to help the community without neglecting our own family?

It's a tough question, but actually can be very simple. The common idea is to balance time and space for both parties. If it gets too complicated, avoid it. You can't be so sure when answering this because there's a lot of examples that would backfire this ideology.

For example, what to do if you're in the special forces (army) and have an important mission assigned to you, the nations future is at stake, at the same time, your life might be in danger (occupational hazard). It's your job. You're protecting the country, but you have to leave your family for about 3 months to complete the mission.

Gain: income
Lose: time (for family)
Benefit: nation's sake
Hazard: life

Are there any UMNO hardcores (makan UMNO, minum UMNO, tidur UMNO) that gains any income for what they did for UMNO? I don't think so. But why are they so passionate and too enthusiastic for UMNO? Salute to them.

Just don't make a fuss if some of your ahli cannot make it to your program or majlis or even a meeting because of attending to an important family matter (weddings, births, deaths, doa selamat, etc.).

This is your life. Any decisions you make today will affect the future outcome. Just be smart and don't do everything and gain nothing. It's true, there is a limit. We just don't see it.
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28 Januari 2010

Be Thankful Of What You Have Today

**THIS IS FOR THE KETUA PEMUDAS (not limited to)

The topic reminds us of the DBKL officials who advised us to be as such, after receiving the applicants allocation notice of the PPR in WPKL. Living somewhere is a quite critical issue nowadays. The location must be as strategic as it can be because the distance from the house to a designated point (office, school, family) may influence the economic stir of a small family. However, if the officials say, "Bersyukur je lah ape awak dapat...", nuff said.

They would claim that being thankful is called for as a Muslim, but actually if you seek deeper, they just have no time to "be at your service". It's not that they are lazy at times (some of them really are), but it is just so honorable to link our daily activities and commitment to religious and moral belief.

It's like you're following the Sunnah but neglecting the Wajib. How absurd? It just happens. OK, enough of introduction, let me get you to the main point, as usual, UMNO. Why don't the big boys be thankful of what they have today?

If one of your ahli, has done a great thing for your political mileage, why not just show some appreciation towards his efforts? (Appreciation - hardest thing to get) Why should you demand for more if you've already known his limitations? That's not motivation, that's dictatorship. You instruct him as if you own him.

Not to mention about the sacrifices (energy, time, money) that your boys did, just to make you look good. Of course you lead 'em but they represent you. You are measured by the strength of your group.

An organization suppose to work the other way around. Every instruction given out should be an outcome result of a thorough discussion among the think tanks. Not veto power. You're not running a company here, it's a political party for the community development.

That is why I say, if you up there could remind us to be thankful of what we have today. Why not you remind yourself? Remind your sidelines to be very thankful of what they have today. Don't ask for more and we won't deliver less.

High expectation may be a good motivation to encourage someone to go beyond boundaries. But a too high expectation, without considering the human equilibrium may make you look stupid. So try to weigh all the possibilities before any action is made.

Yesterday, some assholes decided to stir up the racial prejudice among us Malaysians. And just for fun, they threw in a couple of pig heads into Mosques. Us as muslims, especially the young ones, what do we do? Do we throw it back to them? Or should we throw something else?

This is where we can see the effectiveness of our community leaders. We would never want our Pemudas to plan a counter attack. We would plan a way to sort this one out. How it would benefit both sides. We don't want to be barbarians and start attacking each other. That would be very hectic and ugly.

Whatever the plan is, we could discuss our action plan, go deep on the cause and affects, play it smooth. We want the people to take us as intelligent, not smart ass. I bet that someone out there is enjoying himself just to see the ruckus they've caused.

So as a reminder to the Ketua Pemudas, Muslims, Christians, the whole community and ourselves, be thankful of what you have today. Don't spoil it.
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26 Januari 2010

Your Offer Isn't Good Enough

Last year end, Malaysia had the Y.E.S. Yes, the radio commercial was very intimidating. The wife was rephrasing the Y.E.S. over and over again but the husband just didn't get it until the end of the commercial. During the Y.E.S., expect a lot of great offers. But what happens if the people turn down the offer?

If you're offering me something that suits a win-win situation, why would I have second thoughts? Your offer seems like to make you look good, you take credit, I do all the get-down-and-dirty work. You thought that us youngsters can be fooled that easy? You haven't seen the rest of us yet.

If you wanna know what it's like, picture yourself as a Rakyat. Then comes the election season. During the season, the leaders, either government or opposition candidate, would promise you the world. But once they've got their spot, it goes the other way around. Doesn't that just grabbed your balls?

This goes around almost everywhere. In your family (your dad promises a handphone if you get straight A's), with your friends (sahabat promises you never to betray you), in the office (your boss promises you a bonus) and don't forget about your beloved political organisation (rank has always been the tool). Yeah, all of you. Not only UMNO.

In return, you'd get something. But not up to your expectations. So I suggest, whenever there is a "janji manis", make it on paper. It'll be official. No one can stand in your way. But all these promises will promise you one thing, motivation. So it may be a good-and-bad thing. You lose one part, you gain another.

But remember, just do what you got to do. Nothing else matters.
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25 Januari 2010

A Banner Should Do No Harm

This is what we do - grab the freakin' opportunity! By hook or by crook, don't let it go easily because chances does not pass by everyday. That is what we remind ourselves every single moment it occurs. But what actually happens is the other way around. It's not always the way we planned.

Is it due to a conflict of interest? Our low competency expectation of our leaders? You covering for someone? Whatever the reason is, it should not have blocked your window of opportunity. The feeling of achieving something the simplest way sometimes feels better that orgasm (not!).

My point is, why should we reconsider something that gains another progressive mileage and hope that it will come again another day? The idea was to put up a banner from Pemuda IKS welcoming the Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia to the Batu parliament. But it was rejected due to "un-suitability" to the occasion, does not fit the administration levelness, and lastly, he uses his veto power to say "enough!".

He says that it will be better if we hung up the banner if it was our own event (since this is a Pemuda Batu event). As if our beloved YBKJ would oftenly spends his time wandering around Batu. Wake up bro. He's got other important things to do than entertaining us youngsters (from Cawangan). This is his second visit to Batu as Chief and we're just being stupid.

I bet that it would do no one any harm. Believe me, we are not trying to challenge anyone or showing off what we got (ain't that great?), we are just trying to be noticed. Yes, free promotion for this blog. I believe that the whole Pemuda Wilayah was there and why not be noticed? Politics 101: Be noticed, be loved.

After all, the Pemuda Batu also encouraged us to keep up our good work because we're the only Pemuda Cawangan with a blog that operates actively. Encouragement without any furhter action from us would be meaningless. We're representing the whole Pemuda group in Batu. This is the time when people see the effectiveness of your decision making ability.

Unfortunately, we have to play safe as if we wouldn't want anyone to make any fuss regarding this issue (what issue?). Like them people care what we do. It wouldn't matter to them as it wouldn't matter to you if they did something out of line. Can I call this out of line? Hell no.

You gotta start listening to US then listening to them UPSTAIRS. You gotta understand the needs and passion of the young blood rather than kissing them old bums (left cheek please). You may be a good leader, but not good enough. Stop thinking what it would do to them. It's about us! Always has been.

Sometimes I feel that there are other parties that try to limit the development of this blog. What? Are you too jealous of what we've achieved today because during your boring days you're always one step behind? Come on bro. That is too childish for a guy your age. Grow up.

*if you feel any tingle in your body while reading this post, we must've been talking bout you. Cheer up! You're a star now. We introduced you.
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22 Januari 2010

Our MP Doesn't Give A Damn!

Have you heard about the police-biting-MP? We've heard that he's not gonna appeal to the Federal Court about the accusations and punishment thrown to him. But you know that rumours normally kick you in the nuts. It really hurts when someone promises you something, and gives you another. Surprisingly, they still give.

Currently, our TPM gave our parliament a visit and so greatful of him to do so. All the ass-kissers would line up and look very decent in front of him. He visited a few black and grey spots, and head out to the carnival held in Bandar Baru Sentul Fasa 8.

We know that this is a BN/UMNO event, so don't expect to see the opposition hanging around mingling and having a smoke at the huge marquee laughing their hearts out, having a good time.

I bet that they are sitting at home, badwording the TPM during the event. They would do it at the dining table, in front of their kids. That's just what they do, early stage influence.

We were quite surprise to see the support from our sister parties in BN. Is it because of TPM or the sake of the party? Thought so. Because haven't seen them before.

We'd also would like to thank our UMNO family from the entire Wilayah Persekutuan, I spotted Bukit Bintang, Wangsa Maju, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, Seputeh and Segambut. Others... haven't got the chance to spot them. We appreciate your support.

The interesting part of the Program Mesra Rakyat was not the main event, nor the free food, nor the One Nation Emcee, nor the cute Taman Budaya dancers.

The most noticed part was the fact that there was a strike near the Sri Perak school site, demanding for a better school or not to be removed, I'm not sure. But there was a demonstration. Just like DSAI used to do - if you don't like them, just demo, don't think.

I'm also not sure who are they - teachers, parents or PTA? But they seem really serious under the heat of the sun with their DIY signs and chanting, shouting or maybe cheering? Why not join us at the carnival?

We've got lots of free food and interesting booth, plus with the big mist fan that you could only find in Starbucks. Why hassle yourself in the sun? It's not the Carribean, it's Malaysia.

I have a strong feeling that they want the TPM to notice this (it's obvious). But is it working? I know that he's the Education Minister, but is a demo really necessary? Typical DSAI style, just do, don't think. Why not ask the beloved-chosen-by-the-people MP? He must be in his place for a reason. If not him, who else? UMNO jugak~...

I think that he does not give a damn. I think the rumour is true. He will not appeal, loses his MP entitlement, promote a new candidate and bullshit all over again. I think that he could use a couple of work-for-the-people tasks before ending his MP career.

Do you see what's happening? He's gonna leave you guys - the people. He's gonna betray your vote. He'd already shown his sign of defeat (rumours). He'll ditch you voters because, I think he really doesn't give a damn.

I have heard from our Pemuda Bahagian Movement that they are really concern about this issue (especially to the Education Bereau - kudos to you bro!) and hoping to sort this the soonest. What have your side done? Anyone? (crickets chirping) Thought so.

So you can see who's the JUARA RAKYAT. I believe that Batu itself will change (communtiy and infrastructural development) if UMNO was given a chance to challenge for the Seat.

It's not that we don't trust or believe in Gerakan, but we've had enough. Give us a chance and you can have it back in the next PRU, if we fail. I'd say it again, if we fail.

*expect a rapid movement by the Pemuda IKS. That's just how we do.
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21 Januari 2010


Dear Friends,

Please help my sister. On 16/01/2010 my niece was kidnapped by her own (sadly to say) father, Lenardi Amnisar Yuliawiratman. It actually happened during a meeting instructed by the court which states that the father can see his daughter at McDonalds Jalan Kolam Air Lama (beside Petronas) with the presence of both party lawyers. The meeting started at 10am. At first everything went well, but at about 11am 'the beast' grabbed my niece, Daanya Hana, aged 1, from the hands of my sister and ran to a car which has been standing by from the beginning.

We have already made a police report and still waiting for their action. A court order has been sent out for my niece to be returned to her rightful mother. In the meantime I am begging everyone to help search for his car which is a Blue, Mitsubishi Lancer, license plate WPJ 4040. I also attached a few of Hana's pictures and also the 'Swine Man' wanted photo. Please forward this to all and please pray for the safety of my niece.

Attached is also an article from a friend who is kind enough to write about the incident. You can add his FB and post it in your profile. I thank all of you for your help....again please pray for the well being of my niece and hope she will come back to us....

If anything please contact me at 012-6774412.


Shamsul Bahri Shamsuddin


Sahabat media dan semua yang mengenali diri ini.Saya tersentuh apabila mendengar cerita seorang sahabat baik, Farah Shamsuddin (anda semua boleh type nama ini di FB), yang `kehilangan' anak perempuannya, Daanya Hana, akibat `dirampas' seorang lelaki yang masih bernama suami (mereka kini dalam proses penceraian).

Bayangkan seorang anak berusia setahun lima bulan yang masih menyusu ibu `terpisah' kerana perbuatan lelaki bernama Lenardi Amnisar Yuliawiratman (gambar dilampirkan). Kisahnya dipaparkan Harian Metro hari ini (18/01/10) namun ada beberapa fakta salah di sana. Lelaki itu bukan merindui anaknya tetapi `merampas' kasih sayang seorang ibu dan anak.

Lelaki ini tidak pernah memberi kasih sayang seorang ayah malah menjadi beban kepada seorang isteri dan anaknya yang masih mentah.

Kasihanilah sahabat saya, kasihanilah kehidupannya, kasihanilah anaknya, terpisah daripada ibunya...

Apa agaknya nasibnya malam ini tanpa belaian ibu yang setiap malam menidurkannya...

Saya paparkan wajah lelaki `hati binatang' ini untuk semua. Sebarkan sedaya mampu anda. Bantu saya membantu seorang sahabat menemukan kembali anaknya...

Jasa anda benar-benar saya harapkan, ibunya kini benar-benar buntu dan bermandi air mata selepas `kehilangan' anaknya, saya pohon bantuan kawan-kawan media untuk mencari bayi ini, saya rayu tenaga kawan-kawan untuk menyebarkan berita ini dan mencari semula bayi ini.

Ini tanggungjawab semua, kita temukan semula ibu dan anaknya, kita bawa balik kebahagiaan dalam hidup mereka, kita `ajar' si suami yang tidak berhati perut ini.

Sanggupkah anda melihat kasih sayang seorang ibu terputus akibat perbuatan suami yang tidak berhati perut?

Saya bersedia menjawab setiap pertanyaan yang mungkin anda perlukan, kita lancarkan misi mencari Daanya Hana, tolonglah sahabat saya, tolonglah...

Sebarang maklumat atau pertanyaan boleh terus menghubungi saya di talian 012 2524125. Klik di sini untuk melihat gambar.
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20 Januari 2010

Should've Been Your Era

A BLOG OF OURS - This post goes directly to all Ketua Pemuda Cawangan who's Ketua Cawangan is the current Ketua Bahagian. It feels awkwardly interesting when you capture the creature from the less-competent territory. It's like you've already know what your competition's secret recipe, and you just play along, just to keep the heat of the game, but actually you know that you're winning.

I had a chat with my KP and Naib KP a few days back at seperate occasions asking them about the current internal issue. So far, there is no serious issue from our Pemuda Cawangan. But let's take a peep at others shall we? After all, we like this game of "ambil-tahu-hal-orang-lain".

It's not about personal vendetta, nor personal disgrace. It's not a girlfriend-interception-by-your-best-friend kind of thing. It's also not a he-wants-to-party-but-doesn't-want-to-chip-in. All those yappin' doesn't mean a thing to the community unless you write the whole detailed story in a blog of yours.

What I am about to reveal might be important. The youth's future is at stake. The 40 year olds that lead the youths nowadays will move on. Who's gonna replace them if the youngsters were not educated from now. For those who have no interest at all in community development, just leave this blog until you've gotten the sense.

We wonder why some of the Ketua Pemuda in Bahagian Batu doesn't really know how to grab the opportunity. Our beloved Saudara KJ is a good opportunist, why not learn from him. At least you'll gain something rather than nothing (we love this phrase). If your Ketua Cawangan happens to be the Ketua Bahagian for this term (hopefully for the next term also), the land of opportunity is wide enough for the whole cawangan to endeavour.

It's actually not that hard to learn from someone. You can even learn from him without having contact with him. Just duplicate whatever they do. There is no patent or IP protecting someones act not to be copied. Just duplicate, but do it your style.

It should've been your era. You're suppose to shine. This is your term. If your friends (environment) doesn't encourage you, ditch 'em. Find a more mind, body and soul developing spot. Realize that you are going nowhere from where you are now.

Did you notice that your "daddy" doesnt' give a damn. On several occasions he'd also would look down on you. Could you believe that? It's like you're getting married and your dad has nothing to do with it. Not the party, not the invitiations, not even dress up nicely. You're in a deep hole that you dug yourself. Get some help, but shouting ain't gonna work.

But you chose to go around the hood and yap about what you feel uncomfortable with others. We might understand the rift that's happened due to the childish act of your own oldtimers. But please, "be a man, do the right thing" - Russell Peters. Get this straight, others don't care about what you feel. It's an every man for himself-game.

Not to add the story of forcing one of your guys to step down eventhough you're in the Incompetent-Seat. You were bragging around before this, but it seems like it didn't turn out what you expected it to be.

Politics is an emotional game. But if you get too emotional, others will know that you are weak. If you can't intimidate someone, it's a sign that he or she is hard to defeat. Not unbeatable, but hard to defeat. Get your sh*t together. Lastly, stop yappin' and get to work.

*This is a general article, we don't do names. Hehe.
**SALUTE to our KP for what he has achieved today!
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18 Januari 2010

I have always wanted to try this.

Since that no one gives a sh*t about what I am about to write, I'll make it in English. At least some of them would scratch their heads just to figure out what I mean. Just wanna try to spice up this blog a bit, I'ma write a few articles in English, the colonist language. In the mean time, don't bother clicking the link below as if some insulting--political-issue-paragraph that would've interest you.