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22 Januari 2010

Our MP Doesn't Give A Damn!

Have you heard about the police-biting-MP? We've heard that he's not gonna appeal to the Federal Court about the accusations and punishment thrown to him. But you know that rumours normally kick you in the nuts. It really hurts when someone promises you something, and gives you another. Surprisingly, they still give.

Currently, our TPM gave our parliament a visit and so greatful of him to do so. All the ass-kissers would line up and look very decent in front of him. He visited a few black and grey spots, and head out to the carnival held in Bandar Baru Sentul Fasa 8.

We know that this is a BN/UMNO event, so don't expect to see the opposition hanging around mingling and having a smoke at the huge marquee laughing their hearts out, having a good time.

I bet that they are sitting at home, badwording the TPM during the event. They would do it at the dining table, in front of their kids. That's just what they do, early stage influence.

We were quite surprise to see the support from our sister parties in BN. Is it because of TPM or the sake of the party? Thought so. Because haven't seen them before.

We'd also would like to thank our UMNO family from the entire Wilayah Persekutuan, I spotted Bukit Bintang, Wangsa Maju, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, Seputeh and Segambut. Others... haven't got the chance to spot them. We appreciate your support.

The interesting part of the Program Mesra Rakyat was not the main event, nor the free food, nor the One Nation Emcee, nor the cute Taman Budaya dancers.

The most noticed part was the fact that there was a strike near the Sri Perak school site, demanding for a better school or not to be removed, I'm not sure. But there was a demonstration. Just like DSAI used to do - if you don't like them, just demo, don't think.

I'm also not sure who are they - teachers, parents or PTA? But they seem really serious under the heat of the sun with their DIY signs and chanting, shouting or maybe cheering? Why not join us at the carnival?

We've got lots of free food and interesting booth, plus with the big mist fan that you could only find in Starbucks. Why hassle yourself in the sun? It's not the Carribean, it's Malaysia.

I have a strong feeling that they want the TPM to notice this (it's obvious). But is it working? I know that he's the Education Minister, but is a demo really necessary? Typical DSAI style, just do, don't think. Why not ask the beloved-chosen-by-the-people MP? He must be in his place for a reason. If not him, who else? UMNO jugak~...

I think that he does not give a damn. I think the rumour is true. He will not appeal, loses his MP entitlement, promote a new candidate and bullshit all over again. I think that he could use a couple of work-for-the-people tasks before ending his MP career.

Do you see what's happening? He's gonna leave you guys - the people. He's gonna betray your vote. He'd already shown his sign of defeat (rumours). He'll ditch you voters because, I think he really doesn't give a damn.

I have heard from our Pemuda Bahagian Movement that they are really concern about this issue (especially to the Education Bereau - kudos to you bro!) and hoping to sort this the soonest. What have your side done? Anyone? (crickets chirping) Thought so.

So you can see who's the JUARA RAKYAT. I believe that Batu itself will change (communtiy and infrastructural development) if UMNO was given a chance to challenge for the Seat.

It's not that we don't trust or believe in Gerakan, but we've had enough. Give us a chance and you can have it back in the next PRU, if we fail. I'd say it again, if we fail.

*expect a rapid movement by the Pemuda IKS. That's just how we do.

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