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28 Januari 2010

Be Thankful Of What You Have Today

**THIS IS FOR THE KETUA PEMUDAS (not limited to)

The topic reminds us of the DBKL officials who advised us to be as such, after receiving the applicants allocation notice of the PPR in WPKL. Living somewhere is a quite critical issue nowadays. The location must be as strategic as it can be because the distance from the house to a designated point (office, school, family) may influence the economic stir of a small family. However, if the officials say, "Bersyukur je lah ape awak dapat...", nuff said.

They would claim that being thankful is called for as a Muslim, but actually if you seek deeper, they just have no time to "be at your service". It's not that they are lazy at times (some of them really are), but it is just so honorable to link our daily activities and commitment to religious and moral belief.

It's like you're following the Sunnah but neglecting the Wajib. How absurd? It just happens. OK, enough of introduction, let me get you to the main point, as usual, UMNO. Why don't the big boys be thankful of what they have today?

If one of your ahli, has done a great thing for your political mileage, why not just show some appreciation towards his efforts? (Appreciation - hardest thing to get) Why should you demand for more if you've already known his limitations? That's not motivation, that's dictatorship. You instruct him as if you own him.

Not to mention about the sacrifices (energy, time, money) that your boys did, just to make you look good. Of course you lead 'em but they represent you. You are measured by the strength of your group.

An organization suppose to work the other way around. Every instruction given out should be an outcome result of a thorough discussion among the think tanks. Not veto power. You're not running a company here, it's a political party for the community development.

That is why I say, if you up there could remind us to be thankful of what we have today. Why not you remind yourself? Remind your sidelines to be very thankful of what they have today. Don't ask for more and we won't deliver less.

High expectation may be a good motivation to encourage someone to go beyond boundaries. But a too high expectation, without considering the human equilibrium may make you look stupid. So try to weigh all the possibilities before any action is made.

Yesterday, some assholes decided to stir up the racial prejudice among us Malaysians. And just for fun, they threw in a couple of pig heads into Mosques. Us as muslims, especially the young ones, what do we do? Do we throw it back to them? Or should we throw something else?

This is where we can see the effectiveness of our community leaders. We would never want our Pemudas to plan a counter attack. We would plan a way to sort this one out. How it would benefit both sides. We don't want to be barbarians and start attacking each other. That would be very hectic and ugly.

Whatever the plan is, we could discuss our action plan, go deep on the cause and affects, play it smooth. We want the people to take us as intelligent, not smart ass. I bet that someone out there is enjoying himself just to see the ruckus they've caused.

So as a reminder to the Ketua Pemudas, Muslims, Christians, the whole community and ourselves, be thankful of what you have today. Don't spoil it.

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